Our Story

It’s 2022 and it shouldn’t be a surprise that not everyone is made the same. Chekani was born from the desire to celebrate and empower you and those differences.

We’re saying bye to the tired stereotypes of yesterday, because we know women can achieve whatever they want, and wear whatever they want while they’re doing it.

We’re talking duvet-day-loungewear to free-drinks-all-night dresses, or for whoever you want to be today.

Because whether you’re wearing an oversized sweat or bodycon mini dress…we know you’ve got this.


Our Team

Our London based HQ is filled with a strong female team bursting with passion and creativity.

From initial design to the moment your new style lands on your doorstep, our main mission is to inspire and empower the women we aspire to dress. The woman who is confident, preaches self-love, dresses for herself and is unapologetically independent.

Empowering the women of today is at the forefront of everything we do. Chekani is here to reflect that, with fashion that is made for this generation.


Our Ethics

When we say we want to empower people from the first pen stroke of design to when you’re dancing on the tables in one of our dresses – we really mean it. That means we want to ensure the people who make our designs are never exploited.

The vast majority of our product is designed in the UK and manufactured in England or Turkey, where we have our own factory and manufacturing partners that we’ve worked with for over ten years.

We have full control over the workers who make our garments, and we aren’t forced to competitively lower prices to sell to large brands – we ensure our staff have comfortable working conditions and fair pay.

We only manufacture our products in small quantities based on customer demand, to reduce any amount of unwanted product.

We don't aim to make products at the cheapest price, we strive for good quality products while keeping prices reasonable.


We make fashion with an ethos that's never going out of style.
The world of fashion is changing, and we want to be part of the revolution.
Because we’re more than just a pretty dress.